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A-Z of School of Earth and Environment People

A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

When telephoning from outside the University, dial +44 (0)113 34 extension.

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  Name Position Telephone extension Email
A Paul Abbott Lecturer 39086 Email
Dr Antonio Abellan Lecturer in Engineering Geology 33204 Email
Dr Peggy Achtert Research Fellow 36473 Email
Dr Meghan Alexander Research Fellow 37966 Email
Samuel Allshorn Technician: Wolfson Laboratory Research Technician/Engineer 35214 Email
Dr. Pepa Ambrosio-Albala Research Fellow 35572 Email
Penny Andrews Project Administrator 39016 Email
Miklos Antal Research Fellow Email
Alison Anthony Student Education Service Officer (Student Support) 37316 Email
Dr Stephen Arnold Associate Professor of Atmospheric Composition 37245 Email
Dr Tracy Aze Lecturer in Marine Micropalaeontology, Programme Leader for BSc Environmental Sciences 30953 Email
B Dr Marco Bagnardi Research Fellow 35543 Email
Dr Jessica Baker Research Fellow Email
Dr Catherine (Frin) Bale University Academic Fellow (SCAPE & SEE) 38250 Email
Dr David Banks Principal Research Fellow: Geochemistry; Health & Safety Coordinator; First Aid Coordinator 35244 / 31647 Email
Prof. Steven Banwart Leadership Chair in Integrated Soil / Agriculture / Water Research 31413 Email
Sarah Barker Student Education Service Assistant (Coursework and UG support) 36311 Email
Dr Natasha Barlow University Academic Fellow 33761 Email
Nikki Barraclough NCAS Finance & Admin Manager 31581 Email
Professor John Barrett Professor of Energy and Climate Policy 32394 Email
Claire Bastin Sustainability Email
Dr Kate Bayliss Senior Research Fellow Email
Dr Lindsay Bennett NCAS Instrument Scientist 31453 Email
Prof Liane G Benning Professor of Experimental Biogeochemistry 35220 Email
Dr Hannah Bentham Research Fellow 35543 Email
Prof Lea Berrang-Ford Priestley Chair in Climate and Health Email
Dr Ajay Bhave Research Fellow, Sustainability Research Institute Email
Dr Iva Bimpli Lecturer 39176 Email
Dr Cathryn Birch University Academic Fellow 39831 Email
Tom Bliss Business Development Coordinator Email
Prof Alan Blyth NCAS Director for Weather Science; Professor of Atmospheric Science 31632 Email
Dr Steven Boeing Research Fellow Email
Dr Adam Booth Lecturer: Exploration Geophysics 39743 Email
Dr Charlotte Botter Teaching Fellow Email
Prof Simon Bottrell Head of School; Professorial Research Fellow: Stable Isotope / Geochemistry 35228/lab 37062 Email
Dr Joanna Bowen Admin Support & Projects Manager - Mon - Weds Only 31325 Email
Dr Emma Bramham Lecturer - Applied Geophysics and Structural Geology 35595 Email
Lina Brand Correa Research Fellow Email
Dr. Andy Bray Research Fellow 34696 Email
Dr Paul Brockway Research Fellow 35576 Email
Dr Barbara Brooks NCAS Research Scientist; Head, NCAS Atmospheric Measurement Facility 31587/ lab 36805 Email
Prof Ian Brooks Professor of Boundary Layer Processes 36743/36805 lab Email
Helena Brown Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Technician 36765 Email
Dr Marta Bruno Soares Met Office University Academic Fellow 31635 Email
Dr Milena Buchs Associate Professor in Sustainability, Economics, and Low-Carbon Transitions 34292 Email
Laura Buehrig Research Assistant: Marine Clastic Sedimentology Email
Dr Wolfgang Buermann Associate Professor of Land Surface/Vegetation Modelling 34958 Email
Stephen Burgess Mechanical Engineering Technician 35229 Email
Dr Ian Burke Associate Professor: Environmental Geochemistry 37532 lab 33965 Email
Dr Ralph Burton NCAS Research Scientist 31587 Email
Dr Jonathan Busch Joint Research Fellow (SEE/Civil Eng) 32663 Email
C Prof Joe Cann Emeritus Professor of Oceanography Email
Paula Carraminana Administration Assistant Email
Dr Rachael Carrie Research Fellow Email
Prof Ken Carslaw Professor of Atmospheric Science; Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award holder 31597 Email
Prof Andy Challinor Professor of Climate Impacts 33194 Email
Dr Robert Chapman Senior Lecturer: Geochemistry / Mineral exploration 33190 Email
Sarah Chapman Email
Prof Martyn Chipperfield Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry; Director of ICAS 36459 Email
Dr Roger Clark Senior Lecturer: Geophysics; Programme Manager: MSc Exploration Geophysics 35221 Email
Benjamin Clarke Facilities and Health and Safety Technician 30114/34025 Email
Santiago Clerici Research Technician c/o Geography Email
Dr Ioana Colfescu NCAS Research Scientist 31587 Email
Prof Christopher Collier Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science Email
Dr Richard Collier Senior Lecturer: Sedimentology/Tectonics; Co-Institute Director of IAG 35211 Email
Dr Luca Colombera Research Fellow 35234 Email
Andy Connelly Cohen Geochemistry Technical officer office 30166 Email
Dr Diego Costantino Research Fellow Email
Dr Timothy Craig 1851 Research Fellow 35543 Email
Ben Craven Geoscience Software & Data Support Officer 37928 Email
Dr Julia Crook Research Fellow 39085 Email
Dr Zhiqiang Cui Research Fellow 35605 Email
Anne Cunningham Communications Officer (CCCEP) 34425 Email
D Jacopo Dal Corso Research Fellow 31182 Email
Dr Martin Dallimer Inst Co-Director of SRI; Associate Professor in Environmental Change 33036 Email
Meaghan Daly Research fellow Email
Dr Chris Davies Associate Professor in Theoretical Geophysics and NERC Independent Research Fellow 31140 Email
Dr Chris Dearden CEMAC Software Development Scientist Email
Dr Adriana Del Pino Sanchez Teaching Assistant Email
Dr Leif Denby Research Fellow Email
Clare Desplats Project Administrator (MINSC) Email
Prof Suraje Dessai Professor of Climate Change Adaptation 30116 Email
Dr Sandip Dhomse Research Fellow 35612 Email
Dr Monica Di Gregorio Lecturer: Environmental Politics & Governance 31592 Email
Dr Steven Dobbie Associate Professor: Atmospheric Physics 36725 Email
Dr Aisling Dolan School Research Support Manager 31859 Email
Professor Andy Dougill Dean of Faculty & Professor of Environmental Sustainability 36782 Email
Dr David Dufton Research Fellow Email
Charles Dunham Postgraduate Researcher/Teaching Assistant Email
Dr Alexander Dunhill Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 31288 Email
Jenny Dunhill Research Support Administrator (ESSI) 34058 Email
Dr Jen Dyer Lecturer in Sustainability 30226 Email
E Dr Susanna Ebmeier Leverhulme Fellow 31503 Email
Dr John Elliott Royal Society University Research Fellow & University Academic Fellow 30457 Email
Reception Enquiries 32846 Email
F Prof Derek Fairhead Managing Director: GETECH; Emeritus Professor of Applied Geophysics 0113 322 2200 Email
Dr Andrew Fanning Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Leandra Fatorelli Research Fellow Email
Johan Faust Research Fellow Email
Nicola Favretto Research Fellow 35576 Email
Dr Wuhu Feng NCAS Scientist 37934 Chem / 31453 SEE Email
Dr David Ferguson University Academic Fellow 31505 Email
Dr Marie Ferre iCASP Impact Evaluator based in Geography Email
Prof Paul Field Professor of Climate Science Email
Robert Finch Deputy Technical Services Manager; School Curator 35242 Email
Dr Declan Finney Research Fellow 38643 Email
Katrina Firth Student Support Manager 36722 Email
Prof Quentin Fisher Professor of Petroleum Geoengineering 31920 Email
Dr Rory Fitzpatrick Research Fellow Email
Dr Jennifer Fletcher Research Fellow 38644 Email
Linda Forbes Lab coordinator in Geochronology lab 31648 / lab 33952/ 31186 Email
Prof James Ford Priestley Chair in Climate Adaptation (Based in Geography) Email
Prof Piers Forster Professor of Physical Climate Change; Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award holder; Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate 36476 Email
G Dr Alan Gadian NCAS Senior Research Lecturer 37246. Email
Dr Marcelo Galdos University Academic Fellow in Modelling Food Security and Climate Impacts 39102 Email
Alison Gane NCAS Administration Manager 36408 Email
Angela Gardner PGR Admissions 31314 Email
Jannik Giesekam Research Fellow Email
Dr Fiona Gill Lecturer in Palaeontology and Geochemistry 35190 Email
Ross Gillard Research Fellow Email
Prof Paul Glover Professor of Petrophysics 35213 / Petrophysics Lab 30539 Email
Dr Mark Goddard Research Fellow in Urban Ecology Email
Sarah Goldie Taught Postgraduate Admissions Assistant 34307 Email
Clare Gordon Lecturer in GIS 35210 Email
Dr Hamish Gordon Research Fellow Email
Dr Mohamed Gouiza Research Fellow Email
Prof Andy Gouldson Professor of Environmental Policy and Dean: Interdisciplinary Research Email
Sam Grainger Research Fellow Email
Dr Carlos Grattoni Principal Experimental Officer 35214 / 30474 Email
Catherine Graves Research Administrator 39914 Email
Dr Elisa Greco Research Fellow in Sustainability Standards and Agricultural Value Chains Email
Dr Chris Green Director of Masters Education; Lecturer 37378 Email
Nicholas Greenall Research Assistant Email
Dr Lauren Gregoire Academic Research Fellow 34945 Email
Dr Laura Gregory NERC Independent Research Fellow 31335 Email
Dr Daniel Grosvenor Research Fellow 38668 Email
James Groves NCAS IT Manager 31587 Email
Prof David Gubbins Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences Email
Neal Gunn Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
H Dr Stephen Hall University Academic Fellow 32663 Email
Kirk Handley Technician: Engineering Geology 35231 Email
Dr Larissa Hansen Research Fellow Email
Margo Hanson Research Manager: Energy, Climate Change & Sustainability 36817 Email
Dr Sam Hardy Research Fellow in Dynamical Meteorology Email
Jody Harris Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Linda Hartland Student Employability Officer 39834 Email
Dr Jason Harvey NERC Advanced Research Fellow/Lecturer in Geochemistry 35206 Email
Emma Hatton InSAR Facility Manager - CPOM & COMET 31309 Email
Samantha Haynes School Research Support Manager (Maternity Cover) 31859 Email
Prof Alan Haywood Professor of Palaeoclimate Modelling; UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science PI (Palaeoclimate); Director of Research and Innovation 38657 Email
Tianchen He Research Fellow Email
Cara Louise Healy PA/ School Administrative Assistant 36461 Email
Duncan Hedges Electron Optics Research Technician Email
Prof Jan Heemann-Minx Priestley Chair, Climate Change and Public Policy Email
Dr Pasi Heikkurinen Lecturer in Business & Sustainable Change 39631 Email
Prof Steve Hencher Emeritus Professor in Engineering Geology Email
Dr Mark Hildyard Lecturer: Geomechanics 35255 Email
Dr Daniel Hill Lecturer in Global Change Modelling 31052 Email
Prof Dave Hodgson Professor of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy; Deputy Director of Research (Impact) 30236 Email
Dr Menno Hofstra PDRA Email
Dr Anna E. Hogg ESA Living Planet Fellow 35842 Email
Dr Mark Holden Research Fellow Email
Dr George Holmes Associate Professor: Conservation and Society 31163 Email
Teresa Honore PA to Head of School /School Office Manager 35222 Email
Prof Andy Hooper Professor : Geodesy & Geophysics and Co-Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics (IGT) 37723 Email
Dr Jacqueline Houghton Associate Professor Email
Prof Greg Houseman Professor of Geophysics 39796 Email
Damian Howells Lecturer 37248 Email
Yahui Huang Research Assistant 35605 Email
Dr Stephen Hunter Research Fellow 39085 Email
Dr Ekbal Hussain Research Fellow Email
I Martin Iles School Education Service Manager 30611 Email
Dr Evgenia Ilyinskaya University Research Fellow 39632 Email
Dr Ruza Ivanovic NERC Research Fellow 32231 Email
J Prof Andrea Jackson Professor of Student Education and Engagement Email
Dr Lawrence Jackson Research Fellow 39085 Email
Robert Jamieson Research Fellow Email
Dr Eleanor Jew Teaching Fellow 37167 Email
Dr Jill Johnson Research Fellow 34931 Email
Prof Colin Jones NCAS Head of Earth System Science & Model Development Email
K Dr Astrid Kause LUBS based Research Fellow - Decision Research Group, Management Division 32513 Email
Dr Richard Keane Met Office Senior Scientist Email
Fiona Keay Technician: Cohen 31648 Email
Gary Keech Technician: Teaching Support / Electronics Workshop 35207 Email
Dr Gareth Keevil Sorby Experimental Officer; Laser Safety Officer 36765 Email
Ann Kenney NCAS Finance Manager 31581 Email
Dr Muhammad Khan Research Fellow Email
Prof Rob Knipe Director: Rock Deformation Research ; Emeritus Professor of Structural Geology 35208 Email
Dr Ann-Kristin Koehler Research Fellow 34931 Email
Prof Michael Krom Professor of Marine & Environmental Chemistry 30477 Email
L Ruth Lawford-Rolfe Research Impact Support Manager 35685 Email
Hayley Lawrence School Administrative Assistant/Receptionist 31139 Email
Dr Sebastien Lectez Research Fellow Email
Amicia Lee Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dr David Lee Research Assistant Email
Jerry Lee Faculty Facilities Manager 35245 Email
Dr Lindsay Lee Leverhulme Research Fellow 36473 Email
Michelle Lesnianski Postgraduate Research Administrator 31634 Email
Zhi Li Research Assistant Email
Jon Liddell Research Assistant (BOSS) Email
Dr Crispin Little Senior Lecturer: Palaeontology 36621 Email
Dr Phil Livermore Associate Professor 30379 Email
Dr Geoff Lloyd Reader: Microgeodynamics 35209 Email
Dr Graeme Lloyd University Academic Fellow Email
Kathryn Lock Communications Officer - Priestley Centre 39767 Email
Dr Piroska Lorinczi Lecturer: Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 39245 Email
Professor Jason Lowe Priestley International Centre for Climate Chair Email
Dr Tom Lynch Research Fellow Email
Dr Christopher Lyon Research Fellow Email
M Dr Marcelin Mahop Research Fellow at the Sustainability Research Institute Email
Dr Graham Mann NCAS Senior Research Scientist 31660 Email
Dr Vernon Manville Lecturer: Flood and Sediment Dynamics 31307 Email
Dr John Marsham Associate Professor/Academic Research Fellow 36422 Email
Chris Martin Research Fellow Email
Dr Julia Martin-Ortega Associate Prof: Ecological Economics 39752 Email
Dr Christian Marz Associate Professor: Biogeochemistry 31504 Email
Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza Research Fellow 35225 Email
Dr Elena Maters Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Dr Giulio Mattioli Research Fellow Email
Suzie May-Graham Research Administrator Climate and Atmospheric Science 38954 Email
Dr Amanda Maycock NERC Independent Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Climate Dynamics. 39793 Email
Faye McAnulla Research and Innovation Development Manager (CITIES theme) 39732 Email
Dr Adam McArthur Research Fellow 37533 Email
Prof Bill McCaffrey Professor of Clastic Sedimentology; Co-Institute Director of IAG 36625 Email
Dr Andrew McCaig Senior Lecturer: Structural Geology and Geochemistry; Admissions & Marketing Co-ordinator 35219 Email
Daniel McCoy Research Fellow Email
Dr Jenine McCutcheon Research fellow Email
Rosaleen McDonnell Administration and Communications Officer for the GCRF SWIFT 31268 Email
Alistair McDougall Scientific Programmer (InSAR) Email
Patrick McKenna Research Fellow Email
Dr Graham McLeod Lecturer; Geological Sciences 31098 Email
Claire McLoughlin Research Support Administrator 34296 Email
Dr Malcolm (Mal) McMillan Associate Professor in Polar Satellite Geodesy 35869 Email
Dr Jim McQuaid Deputy Head of School (Research Funding and Infrastructure); Assoc. Prof of Atmospheric Composition 36724 / 31599 Email
Shimaa Meawad Visiting Researcher Email
Giacomo Medici Research Fellow Email
Professor Behzad Mehrabi Visiting Professor c/o Bruce Yardley Email
Dr Lucie Middlemiss Co-Director of SRI, Associate Professor in Sustainability 35246 Email
Elena Mihailescu Research Fellow Email
Dr Benjamin Mills University Academic Fellow Email
Dr Joel Millward-Hopkins Research Fellow Email
Dr Annette Miltenberger Research Fellow Email
Sophie Minal Student Education Service Assistant 31613 Email
Neha Mittal Research Fellow Email
Prof Stephen Mobbs NCAS Director; Professor of Atmospheric Dynamics 35158 Email
Dr Paola Hernandez Montes de Oca de Sakai Research Fellow 37966 Email
Dr Oliver Moore Research Fellow Email
Dr Daniel Morgan Associate Professor: Igneous Petrology & Volcanology; Director of Undergraduate Education 35202 Email
Malcolm Morgan Research Fellow Email
Dr Estelle Mortimer Research Fellow Email
Dr Jon Mound Associate Professor: Geophysics 35216 Email
Prof Nigel Mountney Chair in Sedimentology 35249 Email
Dr Thomas Mueller Lecturer in Metamorphic Petrology and Hydrothermal Systems, Programme Leader for Geological Sciences 31156 Email
Joshua Muir Email
Dr Bill Murphy Pro Dean: International; Senior Lecturer in Engineering Geology 35232 Email
Dr Phillip Murphy Admissions Tutor; School and Colleges Liaison Officer; Lecturer 34727 Email
Prof Ben Murray Professor of Atmospheric Science 32887/36485 Email
N Elena Nannelli Research Support Administrator for SRI and ICAS 34296 Email
Dr Ryan Neely Lecturer in Observational Atmospheric Science; Programme Manager: MRes Climate and Atmospheric Science 36417 Email
Prof Jurgen Neuberg Professor of Physical Volcanology 36769 Email
Lesley Neve Technician : X-ray Laboratory 35226/33934 (office/lab) /31186 Email
Dr Rob Newton Director of ESSI; Associate Professor of Earth Surface Geochemistry 37981/37062 mass spec lab Email
Dr Kathryn Nicklin Research Fellow 34931 Email
Dr Sarah Norris Research Fellow 36473 Email
Dr Andy Nowacki Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 39630 Email
O Dr John Paul O'Donnell Research Fellow Email
Dr Dan O'Neill Associate Professor in Ecological Economics 31631 Email
Dr James O'Neill CEMAC Software Development Scientist 38668 Email
Dr Daniel (Danny) O'Sullivan Research Fellow Email
Lucy Oates Research Fellow Email
Uche Okpara Email
Simon Oldfield Teaching Fellow Email
Dr Andrea Ortiz-Karpf PDRA Email
Dr Alice Owen Associate Professor: Business Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement 36411 Email
Dr Anne Owen Research Fellow 35576 Email
P Professor Jouni Paavola Professor of Environmental Social Science; Director - ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics & Policy 36787 Email
Dr Matthew Pankhurst Research Fellow 35644 Email
Dr Effie Papargyropoulou Lecturer in Sustainable Food Networks Email
Dr Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou Lecturer in Rock Engineering/Mechanics and Tunnelling 31449 Email
Prof Doug Parker Joint Met Office Professor of Meteorology; Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award holder 36739 Email
Dr Marco Patacci Research Fellow 35234 Email
Prof Douglas Paton Chair in Structural Geology and Basin Analysis 35238 Email
Dr Kanhu Charan Pattnayak Post-Doctoral Research Associate Email
Prof Caroline Peacock Professor of Biogeochemistry; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 37877 Email
Professor Jeff Peakall Professor of Process Sedimentology 35205 Email
Dr Leonie Pearson Cheney Fellow : water@leeds Email
Pakorn Phornnarit Student Education Service Officer (PGT Student Support) 36622 Email
Prof Sandra Piazolo Professorship in Structural Geology and Tectonics 30010 Email
Dr Colin Pitts Lecturer 36733 Email
Dr Richard Pope NCEO Research Fellow 36473 Email
Prof Simon Poulton Chair in Biogeochemistry & Earth History; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 35237 Email
Dr Hannah Price NCAS Instrument Scientist +44 (0)1234 754864 Email
Dr Kirsty Pringle Research Fellow 36473 Email
Q Dr Qiang Qiu Research Fellow Email
Dr Claire Quinn Associate Professor: Natural Resources Management; Deputy Director of Research (Excellence) 38700 Email
R Benjamin Rabb Impact Translation Fellow, iCASP 39085 Email
Prof Rob Raiswell Emeritus Professor 34696 Email
Dr Alexandru Rap Senior Research Fellow 37986 Email
Dr Carly Reddington Research Fellow 35612 Email
Dr Leighton Regayre Research Fellow Email
Stephen Reid Aqueous Analytical Chemical Experimental Officer 32361 Email
Dr Nigel Richards NERC Doctoral Training Partnership Manager 30648 Email
Elaine Richardson Assistant to Chief Editor of Sedimentology Email
Dr Janet Richardson Impact Translation Fellow 39085 Email
Dr Mark Richardson CEMAC Technical Head Email
Dr Tom Richardson Research Fellow Email
Dr Lisa Roach Research Fellow 35543 Email
Dr Alexander Roberts Research Fellow 33389 Email
Cameron Roberts Research Fellow 0743 942 7277 Email
Prof Peter Roberts Emeritus Professor of Spatial Sustainable Development Email
Dr Katy Roelich Associate Professor 32656 Email
Dr Debbie Rosen General Manager (CPOM & COMET) 39530 Email
Dr Philip Rosenberg Research Fellow 38704 Email
Dr Andrew Ross Associate Professor of Dynamic Meteorology 37590 Email
Dr Sebastian Rost Reader in Global Seismology; Director of NERC Doctoral Training Partnership 35212 Email
Tamsin Rounding NCAS Finance & Admin Officer x36499 Email
Corinna Roy Research Fellow Email
Dr Sally Russell Associate Prof: Business, Organisations & Sustainability 35279 Email
S Dr Susannah Sallu Associate Professor of Environment and Development 31641 Email
Victoria Samir Personal Assistant and Administrator 32648 Email
Dr Daniela Sampaio Marie Curie Fellow Email
Rosie Samuel Petroleum Leeds Project Officer/Research Support Assistant 34938 Email
Dr Ivan Savov Lecturer: Subduction Zone Geochemistry High Temperature Geochemistry Research Group Leader 35199/ trith lab 33952 /column lab 33562 Email
Dr Martin Schobben DFG Research Fellow Email
Dr Juliane Schwendike Lecturer in Meteorology 31054 Email
Dr Catherine Scott Research Fellow 35612 Email
Raul Perulero Serrano Teaching Assistant Email
Steven Sharpe NCAS Events & Admin Officer 36408 Email
Lucy Sharpson Research Administrator 31385 Email
Prof Andrew Shepherd Professor of Earth Observation Email
Patricia (Trish) Shepherd SEE HR Recruitment Officer & Fac HR Support Assistant 37439 Email
Michael Shotton Teaching Fellow Email
Kate Simpson Research Assistant Email
Dr Sumit Sinha Senior Research Fellow Email
Dr Yim Ling Siu Lecturer Environmental Risk Management 36717 Email
Angela Small Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dr Christopher Smith Research Fellow Email
Dr Harriet Smith Research Fellow (AFRICAP) Email
Lisa Smith School Receptionist 32846 Email
Prof Michael Smith Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Physics Email
Rosie Smith Student Education Service Assistant (SEE field trips and PGT support) 31613 Email
Dr Shona Smith Priestley Centre Research and Innovation Development Manager 30563 Email
Dr Karsten Spaans Scientific Programmer Email
Carl Spence-Jones Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Prof Dominick Spracklen Professor of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions 37488 Email
Dr Rachael Spraggs Petroleum Leeds Executive Director 33057 Email
Dr Stephen Stackhouse Lecturer: Solid Earth Geophysics 31914 Email
Dr Julia Steinberger Associate Professor 32895 or +44 (0)785 607 9625 Email
Dr. Anthony Stockdale Research Fellow Email
Jane-Marie Stocks Laboratory Manager; Environment Programmes Technical Lead; University Mediator 34711/31181 Lab Email
Prof Lindsay C. Stringer Professor in Environment and Development 37530 Email
Prof Graham Stuart Professor of Seismology 35217 Email
Robin Styles Research Administrator 31294 Email
Andrew Sudmant Research Fellow and PT Postgraduate Researcher Email
T Dr Anne Tallontire Senior Lecturer: Business, Environment & Corporate Responsibility; Pro-Dean for Student Education 36469 Email
Dr Mark D. Tarn Research Fellow Email
Katherynne Tattersall Centre Administrator for Priestley 30052 Email
Dr Andrea Taylor University Academic Fellow Email
Professor Peter Taylor Chair in Sustainable Energy Systems; Associate of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy 37169 Email
Dr. Allyson Tessin Marie Curie Fellow Email
Harriet Thew Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dr Mark Thomas Lecturer: Engineering Geology 35233 Email
Dr David Thompson Research Fellow 35543 Email
Dr Rachel Tilling Research Fellow Email
Dr Julia Tindall Research Fellow 34696 Email
Dr Taija Torvela Lecturer: Applied Structural Geology/Basin Analysis/Seismic Interpretation; Programme Manager: MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics 36620 Email
V Dr James Van Alstine Associate Professor: Environmental Policy 37531 Email
Mollie Van der Gucht Research Support Administrator SRI/ICAS 34058 Email
W Dr Andrew Walker NERC Independent Research Fellow 33803 Email
Daniel Walker NCAS Database Co-ordinator 31587 Email
Dr Hannah Walker Research Fellow Email
Dr Zoe Wallage Institute Manager: Global Food and Environment Institute 37996 Email
Dr Richard Walshaw Electron Optics Experimental Officer 32393 Email
David Warburton Research Assistant Email
Dr Caroline Ward Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Email
Dr Luke Wedmore Research Fellow Email
Dr Jonathan R. Weiss Postdoctoral Research Fellow Email
Dr Xianyun Wen Senior Lecturer in Computational Fluid Dynamics 31425 Email
Dr Jared West Deputy Head of School: Associate Professor: Hydrogeology 35253 Email
Lisa Weston NCAS Support Staff Email
Dr Thomas Whale Research Fellow Email
Dr Louise Whitehouse NCAS Education & Staff Development Manager 34212 Email
Dr Stephen Whitfield Associate Professor: Climate Change & Food Security 39754 Email
Prof Paul Wignall Professor of Palaeoenvironments 35247 Email
Dr Chris Wilson NCEO Research Fellow 35612 Email
Prof Marjorie Wilson Emeritus Professor of Igneous Petrogenesis 35236 Email
Antony Windross Instrument Workshop Manager 35229 Email
Prof Tim Wright Professor of Satellite Geodesy and Co-Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics (IGT) 35258 Email
Harri Wyn Williams Technician: Thin Section Lab 35230 Email
Y Dr Na Yan Research Fellow Email
Dr Huiyi Yang Research Fellow 39105 Email
Prof Bruce Yardley Emeritus Professor of Metamorphic Geochemistry 35227 Email
Dr Masaru Yoshioka Research Fellow 34696 Email
Professor William Young Professor of Sustainability and Business 31640 Email


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  View Staff List View Visiting Staff List
  Name Position Telephone extension Email
A Mohammed Abed Postgraduate Researcher Email
Michael Adams Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hari Adrianto Postgraduate Researcher Email
Prodeo Agbotui Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bismark Aha Postgraduate Researcher Email
Emrah Akyuz Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hamood Al Hajri Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hussain Al Hashmi Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nawaf Al-Wahaibi Email
Lewis Alcott Postgraduate Researcher Email
Huda Aljabli Email
Bethany Allen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Charlotte Allen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ibrahim Almakrami Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gabriella Alodia Postgraduate Researcher Email
Saleh Alqahtani Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bassam Alshammari Email
Mohammed AlSharyani Postgraduate Researcher 39105 Email
Mohammed Alsubhi Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ruth Amey Postgraduate Researcher Email
Simone Andersen Email
Andreas Andreou Postgraduate Researcher Email
Anna Antonova Postgraduate Student Email
Emmanuel Aramendia Email
Laura Arenas-Calle Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oscar Arevalo Postgraduate Researcher Email
John Ashcroft Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jed Atkinson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Natasha Aylett Postgraduate Researcher based in Chemistry Email
B Zubaida Baba Postgraduate Researcher Email
Amar Babiker Postgraduate Researcher Email
Michael Baidu Email
Marta Baltruszewicz Postgraduate Researcher Email
Anne Barber Postgraduate Researcher Email
Caroline Barnett Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sarah Barr Email
Bonita Barrett-Crosdil Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bianca Bavel Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Beckwith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Geoffrey Bessardon Postgraduate Researcher Email
Louise Beveridge Postgraduate Researcher Email
Meghan Bickle Postgraduate Researcher based in Computing Email
Elif Bilgin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Blandine Boeuf Postgraduate Researcher Email
Muriel Bonjean Stanton Postgraduate Researcher Email
Elizabeth Bowker Email
Heather Briggs Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jay Broccolo ICAS MRes Student 2016/17 Email
Daniel Bryant Email
Catherine Burns Postgraduate Researcher Email
Edward Butt Postgraduate Researcher Email
C Max Callaghan Postgraduate Researcher Email
Delia Cangelosi Postgraduate Researcher Email
Luca Cantarello Postgraduate Researcher based in Maths Email
Jamie Carr Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jonathan Carruthers-Jones Postgraduate Researcher Email
Junia Casagrande Email
David Christopherson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andreas Chrysanthou Postgraduate Researcher Email
Matthew Clark Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andrew Clarke Postgraduate Researcher Email
Stuart Clarke Postgraduate Researcher Email
Luke Conibear Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rodrigo Contreras Postgraduate Researcher Email
Michael Cook Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andrew Cooke Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dario Postgraduate Researcher Email
Grace Cosgrove Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alexandra Crawford Postgraduate Researcher Email
Adriana Crisostomo Figueroa Postgraduate Researcher Email
Timothy Cullen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sophie Cullis Postgraduate Researcher Email
Lisa Curti Postgraduate Researcher Email
D Martin Daily Postgraduate Researcher Email
Shane Daly Postgraduate Researcher based in Chemistry Email
d Isabel de Cala Postgraduate Researcher Email
D Jennifer Dentith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nazli Derinel Email
Christina Derrick Email
Chetan Deva Postgraduate Researcher Email
Joyjit Dey Email
Pebble Diaz Email
Wei Ding Postgraduate Researcher Email
Adele Dixon ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Timothy Dixon Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nike Doggart Email
Dario Domingo Postgraduate Researcher based in Maths Email
William Dow Email
Katherine Doyle Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dorothy Drayton Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ioannis Droutsas Postgraduate Researcher Email
Edna Dualeh Postgraduate Researcher Email
E Stephen Eaton Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andy Emery Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oyiyole Entonu Postgraduate Researcher Email
F Richard Farnell Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ana Flores Email
Melanie Flynn Postgraduate Researcher Email
Stephen Foster Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jorge Franco ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Antonio Fuggi Postgraduate Researcher Email
G Matthew Gaddes Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sergio Gamez Galicia Postgraduate Researcher Email
Niall Gandy Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marta Gaworek-Michalczenia Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jeanne Giniaux Postgraduate Researcher Email
Itahisa Gonzalez Alvarez Postgraduate Researcher Email
Huw Goodall Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ailish Graham Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hugh Graham Postgraduate Researcher Email
Samuel Greenwood Postgraduate Researcher Email
Solene Guenat Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gauthier Guerin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Neal Gunn Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Heather Guy Email
H Joanna Hall Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oliver Halliday Postgraduate Researcher Email
Joshua Hampton Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hamad Handoyo Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Harcourt Postgraduate Researcher (SRI & LUBS) Email
Lukas Hardt Postgraduate Researcher Email
Colin Hardy Postgraduate Researcher Email
Claire Harnett Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jody Harris Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alexander Harrison Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Hawker Postgraduate Researcher Email
Mengjia He Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Healy Postgraduate Researcher Email
Thirze Hermans Postgraduate Researcher Email
Silvia Hernandez Email
David Hodkin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Elena Hofferberth Postgraduate Researcher (LUBS/SEE) Email
Rachel Hollis Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ke Huang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Kathryn Husband Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Huxley Postgraduate Researcher Email
I Thomas Ingleby Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gabriel Isboli Email
J Simon Jackson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Emma James Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rebecca Jansen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alif Mohd Jelani Postgraduate Researcher Email
Stewart Jennings Postgraduate Researcher Email
Zixuan (Lori) Jia ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Tawanda Jimu Email
Iain Johnston Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jihyung Joo Email
Peter Joyce Postgraduate Researcher Email
K Josiane Kakeu Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ieva Kaminskaite Postgraduate Researcher Email
Christopher Kelly Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hannah Kent Postgraduate Student Email
Niall Kerr Postgraduate Researcher 36731 Email
Laura Kiely Postgraduate Researcher Email
Siobhan Killingbeck Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alexander Krause Postgraduate Researcher Email
L Jamie Lakin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Amicia Lee Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Seunghan Lee Postgraduate Researcher Email
Adriano Lemos Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marieanne Leong Postgraduate Researcher Email
Xueqin Li Email
Emmanuel Likoya Email
Dongqi Lin ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Janice Littlewood Postgraduate Researcher 31182 Email
Zhongwei Liu ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
David Loades Postgraduate Researcher Email
Robert Long Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gabriel Lopez Porras Postgraduate Researcher Email
Robin Loveridge Postgraduate Researcher supervised by York Email
Freya Lumb Postgraduate Researcher Email
M Andrew Mair Postgraduate Researcher Email
Simon Manda Postgraduate Researcher Email
Georgian Manuc Postgraduate Researcher Email
Luke Marsden Postgraduate Researcher Email
Lauren Marshall Postgraduate Researcher Email
Katie Massarella Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ilkka Matero Postgraduate Researcher Email
Darwin Mateus Email
Camilla Mathison Postgraduate Researcher based at Met Office Email
Suzana Matoh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nausheen Mazhar Email
Christopher Mccann Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jack McGrath Email
Ciaran McInerney Postgraduate Researcher (LICAMM) Email
Josephine McSherry Postgraduate Researcher Email
Shimaa Meawad Visiting Researcher Email
Uvana Meek Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Maurits Metman Postgraduate Researcher Email
Neha Mittal Research Fellow Email
Felicity Monger Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jose Montero Postgraduate Researcher Email
Christopher Moore Postgraduate Researcher Email
Pierre Moorsom Postgraduate Researcher Email
Eduardo Morgado Postgraduate Researcher Email
Elizabeth Morgan Posgraduate Researcher Email
Hellen Msemo Email
N Dietlinde Nakwaya Postgraduate Researcher Email
Maximilian Nawrath Email
Angus Naylor Email
Bethany Nelson Email
Wan Nie Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Norcliffe Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Norman Postgraduate Researcher Email
Zainab Nuhu Email
O Michael O'Sullivan Postgraduate Researcher Email
Murat Okumah Postgraduate Researcher Email
Simon Oldfield Teaching Fellow Email
Collins Olise Email
Thomas Olsen Visiting Scientist Email
Damjan Ostrelic Email
Yannick Oswald Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ines Otosaka Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ekrem Ozcan Email
P Rachel Palfrey Postgraduate Researcher Email
Franziska Palm Postgraduate Researcher Email
Emmanouil Parastatidis Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sam Parsons Postgraduate Researcher Email
Amy Peace Postgraduate Researcher Email
Emma Pearce Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hana Pearce Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rong Peng Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jonathan Pennells Postgraduate Researcher Email
Daniela Perez Email
Hanna Pettersson Email
Ben Pickering Postgraduate Researcher Email
Elke Pirgmaier Postgraduate Researcher / Business School Email
Pawan Piromthong Postgraduate Researcher Email
Craig Poku Postgraduate Researcher Email
Claudia Pollen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gabriel Porras Research postgraduate Email
Grace Porter Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ryan Pound Email
David Price Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ruth Price Email
Andrew Price-Allison Postgraduate Researcher based in Engineering Email
Aurelia Privat Postgraduate Researcher Email
Autumn Pugh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Q Maeve Quinlan Email
R Maria Ramirez Garcia Marie Curie Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ananth Ranjithkumar Postgraduate Researcher Email
Imogen Rattle Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gautier Rauscher Email
Lucy Recchia Postgraduate Researcher Email
Eoin Reddin Email
Luis Rees-Hughes Postgraduate Researcher Email
Marta Ribeiro de Morais Giannichi Postgarduate Researcher / Geography-SRI Email
Clare Richardson-Barlow Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ieuan Roberts Email
Thomas Roberts ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Becky Robertson Postgraduate Student (based in Biology) Email
Philippa Roddis Postgraduate Researcher / Geography-SRI Email
Jennifer Rodley Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ulises Rodriguez Del Angel Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ingrid Rojas Email
William Rolls Postgraduate Researcher Email
Holly Rowlands Postgraduate Researcher Email
Matthew Rowlinson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nicholas Roxburgh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Catherine Russell Postgraduate Researcher Email
Konstantin Rybalcenko Postgraduate Researcher Email
S Saaduddin Saaduddin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hamza Sadiq Email
Anthony Salazar Email
Hardianshah 'Hadi' Saleh Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alberto Sanchez Marroquin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Sansom Email
Mohammad Sarker Email
Lucia Savastano Email
Giulia Scarpa Email
Anya Schlich-Davies Postgraduate Researcher Email
Heather Selley Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sarah Shallcross Postgraduate Researcher Email
Caitriona Shannon Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Shaw Postgraduate Researcher Email
Lin Shen Postgraduate Researcher Email
Peidong Shi Postgraduate Researcher Email
Michelle Shiers Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ahmad Shmela Postgraduate Researcher Email
Nsikanabasi Silas Umo Postgraduate Researcher 36473 Email
William Silva Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ben Silver Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dinko Sindija Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dr Sumit Sinha Senior Research Fellow Email
Eloise Slater Postgraduate Researcher based in Chemistry Email
Thomas Slater Postgraduate Researcher Email
Angela Small Postgraduate Researcher Email
Laura Smith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rebecca Smith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Thomas Smith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Yvonne Smith Postgraduate Researcher Email
Roman Soltan Postgraduate Researcher 31182 Email
David Somerville Postgraduate Researcher Email
Carl Spence-Jones Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Roxana Stanca Postgraduate Researcher (staff email address - Email
Suzanne Stas Postgraduate Researcher Email
Anastasios Stavrou Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gareth Stewart Email
Beth Stratford Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andrew Sudmant Research Fellow and PT Postgraduate Researcher Email
Patrick Sugden Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rebecca Sumerling Postgraduate Researcher Email
Linas Svolkinas Postgraduate Researcher Email
Mikolaj Swiderski Research Assistant (with Andy Challinor & Wolfgang Buermann) Email
T Giorgio Taverna Postgraduate Researcher Email
George Taylor Postgraduate Researcher Email
Daniel Tek Postgraduate Researcher Email
Harriet Thew Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email
Thomas Thorp Postgraduate Researcher Email
Ben Todd Postgraduate Researcher Email
Lubomira Tomanikova Postgraduate Researcher Email
Danielle Tompkins Postgraduate Researcher Email
William Torgerson Postgraduate Researcher Email
Paloma Trascasa Castro ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
U Sesugh Uker Email
V Arvid Van Dam Postgraduate Student - English Email
Catherine Vaughan Postgraduate Researcher / Split-site Email
Jose Vega Barbero Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jesus Vergara Temprado Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jefim Vogel Postgraduate Researcher Email
W Dean Walker Postgraduate Researcher Email
Dong Wang Email
Hongsheng Wang ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Ru Wang Postgraduate Researcher Email
Xuemei Wang Email
Zexiang Wang Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Ward Postgraduate Researcher Email
Andrew Watson Email
Elizabeth Watson Postgraduate Researcher (School of Geography) 39448 Email
Charlotte Weaver Postgraduate Researcher Email
Henry Wells Email
Rachel Whitty Postgraduate Researcher Email
Peter Willetts Postgraduate Researcher Email
Joshua Williams Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sam Williams Postgraduate Researcher based in Computing Email
Katherine Willis Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jamie Wilson Postgraduate Researcher Email
David Wingate Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jenny Wong Postgraduate Researcher (joint SEE/Computing) Email
Kevin Wong Email
Nathan Wood Postgraduate Researcher Email
Thomas Wood Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bethany Woodhams Postgraduate Researcher Email
Adam Woodhouse Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Woodman Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gemma Woodward Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bethany Wyld ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
X Yijun Xiong Postgraduate Researcher Email
Y Ezekiel Yenne Postgraduate Researcher Email
Sarah Yoho Postgraduate Student (School of English) Email
Z Dario Zambrano Cortes Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bolin Zhang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Tao Zhang Email
Yao Zhao Email
Que Zheng Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Xiaowei Zheng Email
Chao Zhou Email
Despina Zoura Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oliver Zwirner Postgraduate Researcher Email

Visiting Staff

A B C D E F G H I K L M N P Q R S T U V W Y Z  View Staff List View PGR List
  Name Position Telephone extension Email
A Dr Timothy Andrews Visiting Researcher c/o Piers Forster Email
Dr Philip Antwi-Agyei Visitor Email
B Arturo Balderas Torres Visiting Researcher c/o Jouni Paavola Email
Matthew Baldwin Visiting Lecturer c/o Bill Murphy Email
Dr R.H. Bark Visitor Email
Dr Ralf Barkemeyer Visitor (working with William Young) Email
Claire Bastin Sustainability Email
Thomas Berry Visiting Lecturer: Eng Geology Email
Dr Bas de Boer Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Haywood Email
Elsa Bourgeois Email
Sue Bowler Visiting Research Fellow Email
Prof Keith Browning Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Blyth Email
Dr Jo Browse Visiting Researcher c/o Ken Carslaw Email
C Dr Angela Carpenter Visiting Researcher 32010 Email
Sabrina Chesterman Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Bradley Clarke Visiting Researcher c/o Simon Bottrell Email
Dr Bob Cliff Visiting Research Fellow 31649 Email
Fiona Couperthwaite Visiting Research Fellow Email
Dr Anthony Crook Visiting Research Fellow Email
D Chris Danlewicz Visiting Lecturer, Engineering Geology Email
Dr Kaushali Dave Visiting researcher Email
Dr Juan Diego Rodriguez Blanco Visiting Research Fellow Email
Dr Robert Dorrell Visiting Researcher C/o Prof Bill McCaffrey Email
Prof Harry Dowsett Visiting Research Professor in Paleoceanography Email
E Prof Mathew Evans Visiting Researcher c/o Steve Arnold Email
F Dr Luuk Fleskens Associate Professor in Environmental Change +31(0) 317 485467 Email
Dr Robert Fowell Visiting Lecturer in Rock Engineering: Reader in Mining Engineering c/o Bill Murphy (35232) Email
Dr Tim Foxon Visiting Professor Email
Prof Dame Jane Francis Visiting Professor of Palaeoclimatology Email
Dr Evan Fraser Visiting Researcher Email
Joy Fugler Visitor Email
G Evgenia Galytska Visiting Postgraduate Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Prof Sat Ghosh Visiting Researcher Email
Dr James Graham Visiting Researcher c/o Ian Burke Email
Dr Romain Guilbaud Visiting Research Fellow Email
Phil Guise Visiting Researcher 35214 Email
H Dr Adrian Hines Visiting Professor (Met Office) c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Ryan Hossaini Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Professor John Hudson Visiting Professor c/o Jared West Email
Dr Janet Humphreys Visitor Email
I Hirooki Inaba Visiting Researcher c/o Dan O'Neil Email
K Dr Frans Kets Visiting Research Fellow Rock Physics, petroleum geo-Engineering +31 6 12548121 Email
Prof Peter Knippertz Visiting Researcher c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Tom Knowland Visiting Researcher c/o Alice Owen Email
L Dr Julia Leventon Lecturer in Environmental Change and Development 31635 Email
Dr Sarah-Jane Lock Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Gadian Email
M Dr Paul Markwick Visiting Lecturer C/o Dr Douglas Paton Email
Dr John Martin Visiting Research Fellow Email
Bobbie Millar Visiting Researcher c/o Noelle Odling Email
Sean Milton Visiting Professor (Met Office) c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Beatriz Monge-Sanz Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Yu Morishita Visiting academic Email
Professor Robert Mortimer Visiting Professor of Environmental Geochemistry Email
Professor Rory Mortimore Visiting Professor of Engineering Geology c/o Bill Murphy Email
N Dr Tim Needham Visiting Senior Lecturer: Applied Structural Geology 39104 Email
Dr Sebastien Nobert Lecturer: Environmental Hazards & Risk 31157 Email
P Elizabeth Palmer-Felgate Visiting Research Assistant Email
Prof Daniel Parsons Visiting Professor Email
Dr Evan Passaris Visiting Professor c/o Bill Murphy Email
Q Dr Shaojun Qui Visiting Researcher Email
R Dr Julian Ramirez-Villegas Visiting Researcher c/o Andy Challinor Email
Prof Michael Reeder Visiting Researcher c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Alan Reid Visiting Research Fellow: Geophysics 01323 735520 Email
Thomas Ridgeway Visiting Lecturer c/o Bill Murphy Email
Dr Christine Rogers Visiting researcher Email
Dr Teresa Roncal-Herrero Visiting Research Fellow 35225 Email
Dr Steven Rumbold Visiting Researcher c/o Graham Mann Email
Owain Rutherford Email
S Dr Anja Schmidt Visiting Researcher Email
Professor Kevin Schofield Visiting Professor: Petroleum Geoscience Email
Nicholas Shaw Visiting Lecturer Email
Dr Yanqing Sheng Visiting Fellow (c/o Simon Bottrell) 34696 Email
Dr Zongbo Shi Visiting researcher 35225 Email
Dr Elisabeth Simelton Visiting researcher Email
Dr Haijun Song Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Wenbo Su Visiting researcher c/o Paul Wignall Email
Dr Rory Sullivan Visiting Senior Research Fellow working with Andy Gouldson Email
T Dr Rob Thomas Visiting Researcher C/o Dr Gareth Keevil Email
Dr Philip Thompson Visiting Lecturer Email
Prof Wenshou Tian Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Dr Fiona Tilley Visiting academic Email
Dr Divyesh Trivedi Visiting Researcher c/o Ian Burke Email
Tomasz (Tomek) Trzeciak Visiting researcher 39105 Email
U Dr Paul Upham Visiting Researcher Email
V Jaime Vega Visiting Researcher c/o John Barrett Email
Prof Simon Vosper Visiting Professor (Met Office) c/o Doug Parker Email
W Dr Bridget Wade Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Susan Wagstaff Visiting Lecturer c/o Noelle Odling Email
Lina Wang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Professor John Warburton Visiting Professor Email
Dr Anna Wesselink Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Claire Witham Visiting Researcher c/o Anja Schmidt Email
Alan Woolley NCAS Head of FAAM Email
Lulu Wu Visiting Researcher c/o Douglas Paton Email
Y Masaru Yamanaka Visiting Researcher Email
Z Kan Zhang Visting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oliver Zwirner Postgraduate Researcher Email