School of Earth and Environment

The School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds is a major international powerhouse for environmental research that has wide-ranging and positive impacts on the world that we live in.

Our research is carried out within five institutes which represent our core research areas, but much of our work is cross-cutting, tackling complex global challenges such as climate change, energy security and natural hazard management.

ESSI examines past and present environmental and climatic conditions and the processes that produce them.

IAG researches fundamental geoscience with application and impact towards energy, environmental, industrial and infrastructural problems.

IGT is dedicated to understanding the structure & evolution of the Earth from the core to the surface.

ICAS aims to understand the physical & chemical processes that govern the behaviour of the Earth’s atmosphere.

SRI studies climate change; biodiversity; water resources; land cover; agriculture; environmental risks & social responsibility.

Our research themes build on our core strengths and allow us to tackle global challenges by applying experience from across the School