School of Earth and Environment

About the speaker

The 2019 Green Lecturer is Professor Roel Snieder.

Roel is one of the world's foremost experts on using the physics of waves to study the inside of the Earth.  Over his career, he has pioneered many techniques using seismic waves which are now standard within academic science and industrial settings to make better pictures of the Earth.

Prof Snieder is the W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Professional Development Education in the Geophysics Department at the Colorado School of Mines, USA.  He studied for his PhD in Utrecht, Netherlands and has worked there and within the Colorado School of Mines' Center for Wave Phenomena since.

Roel is also passionate about education and leads the Center for Professional Development Education, seeking to give students the best possible start to their careers in the geosciences.  He has written books about the Joy of Science and the Art of Being a Scientist.