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New book on Sustainable Consumption

12.06.2018 - 09:02

Sustainable Consumption book cover

Lucie Middlemiss has written a textbook on Sustainable Consumption, the first ever textbook on this topic and published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis. The book outlines the state of knowledge in the field of sustainable consumption, profiles the key debates, and offers critical reflections on theory, policy and practice. It is aimed at introducing the key ideas of sustainable consumption to advanced undergraduate or taught postgraduate students. Chapters profiling specific contributions are also useful for PhD students and academics looking for an introduction to a range of disciplinary fields. 

Lucie wrote the book with support from the Sustainability Research Institute in the form of a sabbatical in the winter of 2016. In the book she also draws on 9 years of experience in teaching this topic in a highly successful multi-disciplinary module in SEE (available in 3rd year and Masters level iterations). 

The book begins by outlining the problem of sustainable consumption, with chapters on measuring sustainable consumption, and sustainable consumption in social context. The middle section of the book takes a series of stories we tell about sustainable consumption (e.g.‘people are selfish’, ‘we don’t have a choice’) and critically examines the assumptions behind them, and the academic ideas in which they have roots. In doing so it accessibly profiles the theoretical and empirical contributions of the disciplines engaging with ideas of sustainable consumption (economics, psychology, sociology, political sciences, anthropology). The final section outlines key visions of the future in sustainable consumption research, showing how ideas of collective action, systemic thinking and happiness play out in the field.  

For more information see: E-inspection copies of the book are available. To order a hard copy of the book with a 20% discount, use the code FLR40 through the Routledge website.